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Best App for latest trade signals

Best App for latest trade signals

EWave Online, App and Website www.ewaveonline.com, Charts and tutorials enable a person to identify the markets structure and anticipate the most likely next move based on our position within those structures. By knowing the wave patterns, you’ll know what the markets are likely to do next and (sometimes most importantly) what they will not do next. By using the E-Waves Principle, you identify the highest probable moves with the least risk.

EWaves technical analysis system is based on the analysis of behavioral courses for the price movement systems ranges and tools read the price behavior in order to determine the behavioral model, which is reflected in the movement of the market during the previous historical periods, which in turn will help us to determine the quality of the waveform model that represents the behavioral session type, and therefore we can determine the sequence waveform next to the beginning and end of the behavioral session in accordance with the degree of time on the market in an endless cycle of fluctuations in the price levels as a result of the change in the supply and demand balance in accordance with the principle of reversal of behavioral where behavioral session consists of four standard behavioral stages that consist of Moggi binary system wave vector and represented by wave incentive and non-directional wave that represents the correction waves so as to fluctuations resulting from supply and demand, according to the trade equation so based on four dimensions is studying and analyzing the waves applied to the study and analysis of behavioral courses

Each wave has its own timeframe to be, which is relatively associated with other waves from the same time class is made up of the same wavelength several behavioral cycles of lesser degree timetable
Price: each wave interacts with specific price levels determined by the nature of its internal behavioral Lowest scores
Behavioral Composition: Each wave of her nature and behavior that are reflected on the kinetic behavior of prices and by characterize this behavior and select the sequence we can determine the future of this session and learn
The level of complexity: Each wave of her inner complex, which represents the behavioral cycles of lesser degree, sometimes clearly shown on the largest class, which is known to spill timetable, which is very similar with the price extension.

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