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Google Acquires Pulse.io, Mobile App Performance Startup

Google Acquires Pulse.io, Mobile App Performance Startup

Over the years and with every version of Android released, Google has done a pretty job at improving the platform’s performance to what it is today. However this does not mean that no further improvements will be needed in the future, and possibly to help improve Android and the apps running on it, Google has acquired Pulse.io.
This was confirmed by the company in an official tweet. For those unfamiliar with the company, Pulse.io is a startup that specializes in showing developers how they can speed up the performance of their apps. While Google has not stated what they plan on doing with Pulse.io, presumably it will have something to do with app optimization that might be extended to Google’s own apps or third-party developers.
According to Pulse.io, “Pulse.io started with a vision for how to bring the world of performance monitoring into the mobile age. Since then, our tools have helped developers ensure their tens of millions of users have a great mobile experience.” Like we said, Google’s intentions for Pulse.io remains unclear at this point, but given the startup’s specialty, here’s hoping we can look forward to a speedier Android platform and Android apps in the future.
In the meantime the service will continue to be available to customers with support included. However this could eventually come to an end as the company has stated that no new features will be added.
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